Legal Information

Rouge Marketing Limited is a company incorporated in England and Wales with a registration No of 06688729

The registered office is located at
Suite 10,Unit P3,
Watermill Industrial Estate,
Aspenden Road,

VAT Registration No : 938 0362 19

We believe that it is right to treat all of our customers and users of this website on an equal basis
In order to comply with our obligations under Equality Act 2010 and the preceding Disability Discrimination Act 1995 we would advise users with impaired vision to make use of the facilities offered by most current web browsers - (Ctrl and the + sign when pressed together will enlarge the size of both characters and images). Please ask if we have any 'Hi-Res' images that you may find useful
Free 'text-to-voice' applications are available online - these will allow you to have your computer to read aloud any text copied to your clipboard (Balabolka is an example of such software).

We are also more than happy to assist with product descriptions, text and pricing with you directly - just call our office and we'll be happy to help.

Please note that we are reliant (to a great extent)on our suppliers for the images, description and composition of the products on this web site; If there are any aspects of your selected items that you require to be expanded or confirmed please feel free to request this information before placing your order.